Best Chocolate for Melting

The 5 Best Chocolate for Melting

As an avid baker and chocolate lover, I understand the importance of choosing the right chocolate for melting. Melting chocolate is a crucial step in creating various desserts like ganache, fudge, or chocolate-dipped treats. Using the right type of chocolate can significantly impact the outcome of these recipes. However, melting chocolate can be a delicate process that requires careful attention to temperature and texture to achieve ideal smoothness and flavor.

After testing countless chocolate brands and preparation techniques, I’ve compiled comprehensive tips for selecting and preparing the best chocolate for melting experiences. Read on for insights into chocolate properties, melting methods, storage solutions, and my personal favorites that will help you make decadent desserts.

What Chocolate Melts the Best?

When searching for chocolate to melt, pay attention to specific properties that make certain types ideal for the job. The best chocolate for melting has a higher fat and cocoa butter content. It’s smooth in texture before melting and reaches an even, silky consistency when liquefied. The perfect melt also retains its glossy appearance when hardened for further use.

Additionally, stay mindful of the ideal temperature range for melting. Most chocolate should liquefy between 90°F-95°F to ensure the stable crystals melt smoothly. Exceeding 115°F risks burning the chocolate or causing the cocoa butter to separate. Also note that thin, flaky chocolate melts quicker than a large block given the increased surface area.

Seek out couverture, coverture baking, or compound chocolate with at least 30% cocoa butter. The higher the percentage, the smoother the final product. Cocoa butter gives melted chocolate its luxurious mouthfeel. It also allows the chocolate to contract readily during cooling for a satisfying snap. Upscale brands made with quality cocoa butter deliver exceptional flavor and texture. While less expensive chocolate may contain more emulsifiers and vegetable oils, making it thicker when melted.

5 Best Melting Chocolates

KIDU Chocolate Melts – Reliable Quality from an Established Brand

KIDU Chocolate Melts are a versatile option suitable for everything from baking to candy making. Here’s an overview:


  • Ideal for diverse applications like melting, fondue, dipping, and baking
  • Smooth, creamy texture ensures pleasant mouthfeel
  • Trusted brand with over 100 years of chocolate expertise


  • Can melt during shipping depending on weather
  • Takes patience to liquefy fully

KIDU melts are now a staple in my pantry for their versatility and decadent flavor. I’ve used them extensively for melting, fondue, cake pops, fudge, and more. The texture strikes the perfect balance between thick and thin. And you can’t beat the quality from such an established manufacturer.

While they’re not the easiest to liquefy compared to thinner options, the results justify the extra stirring. Just be aware of potential melting in hot weather. But KIDU melts tick all the boxes for a solid melting chocolate choice.

Merckens Milk Chocolate Wafers – Smooth and Economical

For those wanting a more affordable bulk option, Merckens Coating Wafers make an excellent choice with a silky consistency:


  • Creamy, smooth texture
  • Suitable for diverse candy making needs
  • Comes in large 5-pound bag for value


  • Can develop whitish bloom from temperature changes
  • Risk of melting during shipping
  • Harder to melt than some chocolates

I was impressed by the flawlessly smooth texture from Merckens wafers. They provide flexibility for all types of candy projects. Just be prepared for some patience during melting. I also noticed a minor whiteish bloom on the surface after solidifying from the heat fluctuations. But it didn’t affect taste or usability.

Overall, Merckens delivers professional-quality results at an affordable bulk price point. The 5-pound quantity lasts ages too! If you don’t mind the extra effort melting or minor bloom, these wafers are a smart budget pick.

Swisense Premium Italian Melting Chocolate – Luxurious Taste

For pure decadence, Swisense Premium Italian Melting Chocolate is a top contender, albeit at a higher price point:


  • Excellent taste and perfectly smooth texture
  • No tempering required
  • Large resealable pack


  • Higher in calories
  • Can be too thin for some uses
  • More expensive than alternatives

Living up to its name, Swisense offers an undeniably premium experience with Italian chocolate perfection in every bite. It has an indulgent aroma and liquefies like a dream with no tedious tempering. I was able to achieve flawless results instantly with minimal effort.

However, the thin consistency won’t work for applications needing thicker chocolate. And the high-quality ingredients mean higher calories per serving. But for pure enjoyment while nibbling chocolate or making sauces, it can’t be beaten! This one is definitely a splurge-worthy special treat.

Merckens Dark Chocolate Wafers – Superior Taste on a Budget

If you want that intense dark chocolate flavor on a budget, Merckens Dark Melting Wafers make a quality choice:


  • Exceptional rich chocolate taste
  • Smooth, easy melting
  • Well-packaged with ice packs


  • Can melt during shipping in summer
  • Not real chocolate, but still tasty
  • May need paramount crystals for best consistency

Don’t let the lower price tag fool you – these wafers deliver seriously delicious chocolate depth along with bargain savings. They melted seamlessly in minutes for candy making with the addition of some paramount crystals.

While not actually chocolate, the cocoa-based flavor provides plenty of satisfaction. And the secure packaging preserved freshness in transit. For the combination of great value, rich taste and easy handling, Merckens Dark Wafers are a winner.

Merckens White Chocolate Wafers – Sweet & Creamy

Finding quality white chocolate can be a challenge. But Merckens White Coating Wafers make the cut with their sweet, milky notes:


  • Effortless melting
  • Pleasant, creamy flavor
  • Can be remelted if needed


  • Slight lemony taste isn’t for everyone
  • Bag allows wafers to stick together
  • Might not receive full 2 pounds

These white wafers melted like a dream with zero hassles. Their texture is perfectly fluid and coats beautifully. I did detect a faint citrus note, which I imagine helps maintain the white color. And some clumping occurred in the bag during shipping. But neither issue caused functionality problems.

For those seeking white chocolate that melts cleanly and tastes fresh, Merckens is a solid affordable choice. The convenience factor outweighs the minor lemon essence or packaging concerns.

What Is The Right Way To Melt Chocolate?

While selecting a quality base chocolate is key, proper melting techniques also ensure success. Always start by chopping large bars into small, evenly sized pieces. This increases surface area for smooth melting. Next, be sure not to rush the process by blasting high heat. Instead, apply low, indirect temperatures between 90°F-95°F.

I recommend using a double boiler or microwave at 50% power. Avoid overheating chocolate above 115°F to prevent scorching. Continuously stir and maintain contact with the heat source for thorough coverage. Mix until completely smooth without visible pieces remaining. Melted chocolate should pour easily and appear shiny. For convenience, wafers and chips also retain quality nicely when melted slowly in the microwave.

If the chocolate thickens too soon or shows signs of setting prematurely, briefly rewarm while carefully stirring. Cool maximally seized chocolate separately before reintroducing cocoa butter, shortening, or paramount crystals to restore a workable consistency. Overall, properly prepping and gently heating quality chocolate ensures smooth melting for luscious desserts.

Letting the Chocolate Harden

The final crucial step for melted chocolate is controlled hardening. Start by letting excess heat dissipate. Next, keep in mind that composition impacts setting rate. For example, milk chocolate remains fluid longer given the added milk solids. And chocolate high in cocoa butter hardens slower than versions with more emulsifiers.

Also recognize that environment dictates cooling time. Pour melted chocolate onto room temperature surfaces, never cold. And avoid the refrigerator or freezer to prevent shock. Under normal conditions, milk chocolate firms fully between 1-3 hours. Whereas dark varieties require only 30-60 minutes at 65°F-75°F ambient temperature. For quicker chilling, slide sheet trays briefly into the refrigerator only after chocolate loses shininess, monitoring carefully to prevent premature hardening.

Storing & Reheating

Proper storage preserves melted chocolate’s smooth consistency for later use. First, transfer melted chocolate to an airtight glass or plastic container, avoiding reactive metals. Pressed directly against the sides to minimize air exposure. Then, store for up to 3 months at cool room temperature.

For extended shelf life up to 6 months, tightly wrap pieces or transfer containers to the freezer. Thaw frozen chocolate slowly in the refrigerator before reheating gently to return to a melted state.

When reheating, use low heat while stirring constantly. Microwave in 30-second intervals or set over barely simmering water. Reheat only the amount needed and avoid repeatedly remelting the same chocolate. With proper handling, chocolate stays fresh for finishing fine desserts.


As shown, selecting a quality chocolate specifically suited for melting is crucial for dessert success. Consider cocoa percentage, texture, and brand when choosing ingredients. Then master low, even heating techniques while carefully cooling to achieve optimal consistency, shine, and snappy texture. Finally, store melted chocolate properly for maximum freshness.

By following these best practices for buying and preparing the best chocolate for melting, home bakers can achieve professional-level fudge, lush truffles, silky sauces, perfect dipped treats, and other impressive sweets. The tips above highlight my go-to picks for their balanced flavor and reliable melt. But overall, let personal preference guide you to fine chocolates that upgrade every confection.

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