How Long To Cook Frozen Chicken In Crock Pot

How Long To Cook Frozen Chicken In Crock Pot?

Cooking frozen chicken in a crock pot is an easy, convenient cooking method that saves time and effort. The low heat and extended cooking time of a crock pot produces tender, juicy chicken infused with flavor. Follow this guide to learn how long to cook frozen chicken in a crock pot for delicious results.

What Is A Crock Pot?

A crock pot, also known as a slow cooker, is an electric countertop appliance used for long, slow cooking. It consists of a lidded ceramic or stoneware pot placed in a housing with embedded heating coils that gently heat and simmer food over a period of hours.

The benefits of using a crock pot include:

  • Convenience – Food can be prepared in advance and left to cook unattended.
  • Time saving – Long, slow cooking requires little preparation time.
  • Flavor enhancing – Extended cooking time at low heat brings out more complex flavors.
  • Moisture retention – The closed environment traps steam to prevent food from drying out.
  • Consistent temperature – Heating coils maintain a steady, gentle heat ideal for slow cooking.

A crock pot allows you to simply load ingredients, set the temperature, and leave food to cook slowly and thoroughly with minimal effort.

Benefits Of Cooking Frozen Chicken In A Crock Pot

Cooking frozen chicken in a crock pot has many advantages:

  • Preserves moisture – The slow cooking and sealed environment prevent chicken from drying out.
  • Infuses flavor – Chicken absorbs seasonings and aromatics for delicious flavor.
  • Saves time – Set it and forget it! Cooks food while you multitask.
  • Fewer calories – Requires less added fat compared to other cooking methods.
  • DIet-friendly – Allows you to control ingredients for health-conscious dishes.

The crock pot does all the work, turning frozen chicken into fork-tender, flavorful meat perfect for a variety of meals and diets.

Prepare To Cook Frozen Chicken In A Crock Pot

Prepare To Cook Frozen Chicken In A Crock Pot

Proper preparation is key when cooking frozen chicken in a crock pot:

  • Clean – Make sure your crock pot is clean before use.
  • Defrost – Defrost frozen chicken in the refrigerator overnight before cooking.
  • Remove ice – Rinse chicken under cool water to remove any ice crystals.
  • Pat dry – Dry chicken with paper towels before seasoning.
  • Season – Rub chicken with spices, herbs, oil, salt, and pepper.

Preparing the frozen chicken ensures it cooks evenly and absorbs flavors properly in the crock pot.

How Long To Cook Frozen Chicken In The Crock Pot

Cooking time for frozen chicken in the crock pot depends on a few factors:

  • Amount of chicken
  • Size and thickness of each piece
  • Type of cut (breasts, thighs, etc)
  • Bone-in or boneless
  • Crock pot model (some run hotter than others)

For 1-2 pounds of boneless, skinless frozen chicken breasts or thighs, the general cooking time is 4-6 hours on low heat. Follow these time guidelines:

  • 2-3 chicken breasts – 4 hours on low
  • 4-5 chicken breasts – 6 hours on low
  • 1-2 pounds of mixed chicken – 5-6 hours on low
  • Larger amounts – 8-10 hours on low

The chicken must reach an internal temperature of 165°F as measured by a food thermometer before serving. When in doubt, cook longer until the chicken is very tender.

Tips for Cooking Frozen Chicken in a Crock Pot

Use these tips for the best results when cooking frozen chicken in the crock pot:

  • Add enough liquid – Chicken releases juices as it cooks. Add water, broth or sauce to prevent drying out.
  • Layer ingredients – Place vegetables, potatoes, etc below chicken so they cook thoroughly.
  • Don’t peek – Lifting the lid frequently releases heat and moisture.
  • Shred before serving – Chicken cooked on the bone for hours falls right off for easy shredding.
  • Watch the temperature – Cook longer if needed until chicken reaches safe internal temperature.

With some trial and error, you’ll master cooking moist, delicious frozen chicken meals in your crock pot!

What To Serve With Frozen Chicken In Crock Pot?

Once your frozen chicken finishes cooking in the crock pot, you’ll need some tasty sides to complete the meal:

  • Rice – Try jasmine, brown or wild rice.
  • Potatoes – Mashed potatoes pair perfectly.
  • Vegetables – Steam broccoli, carrots, beans, etc.
  • Salad – A fresh green or chopped salad balances the meal.
  • Bread – Warm rolls or slices of crusty bread.
  • Pasta – Chicken and pasta make a hearty dish.

Shred the tender crock pot chicken and toss it with BBQ sauce for pulled chicken sandwiches. Use it to top nachos, tacos, flatbreads, or pizza too!


Can you put frozen chicken in the crock pot?

Yes, you can cook frozen chicken directly in the crock pot! It may take a little longer to cook through, so increase cook times by 30-60 minutes. Make sure to coat frozen chicken with oil before adding it to the crock pot.

How do you defrost chicken for the crock pot?

For best results, there are a few methods to safely defrost chicken before using it in the crock pot:

  • Refrigerator – Place frozen chicken on a plate to thaw overnight in the fridge.
  • Cold water – Submerge a sealed bag of chicken in cold water, changing the water every 30 minutes.
  • Microwave – Use the “defrost” setting to thaw chicken in the microwave.

Always cook defrosted chicken immediately, don’t refreeze it.

Can you freeze cooked crock pot chicken?

Yes, shredded cooked crock pot chicken can be frozen for convenience. Let chicken cool completely, then divide it into meal-sized portions in freezer bags or containers. Exclude any cooking liquid to avoid an ice glaze. Frozen cooked chicken keeps for 2-3 months.


Cooking frozen chicken in a crock pot is an easy hands-off cooking method. Allow 4-6 hours on low to cook 1-2 pounds of frozen chicken pieces to a safe temperature of 165°F. Add enough liquid, layer ingredients wisely, and pair with sides like rice, veggies, and bread. Now you know how long to cook frozen chicken in a crock pot for tender, juicy meat ready for any meal!

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